“We Have An Army Of Digital Soldiers.” — U.S. Army Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn

Transcribed ‘Digital Soldier’ Segment Of Lt. Gen. Flynn’s Speech To ‘Young America’s Foundation’ Students And Supporters In Washington, D.C., November 12, 2016.

“We Have An Army Of Digital Soldiers. What We Are Now, What We Call, I Call Them, Cause This Was An Insurgency Folks, This Was Run Like An Insurgency. This Was Irregular Warfare At Its Finest, In Politics.”

“And, And That Story Will, Will Be Continued To Be Told Here, But We Have What We Call Citizen Journalists. Because The, Because The Journalists That We Have In The Media, Did A Disservice To Themselves, Actually More That They Did To This Country.”

“They Did A Disservice To Themselves Because They Displayed An Arrogance That Is Unprecedented, And So The American People Decided To Take Over The Idea Of Information. They Took Over The Idea Of Information. And They Did It Through Social Media.”

The Sway We As Anons And Citizen Journalists Have, With The Vast Ocean Of Information Available At Our Fingertips, The Unheard Of Capability Of Our Mobile Devices, The Accidental Genius Of Social Media, And Our Unconditional Desire For Truth, Is Immeasurable. U.S. Army Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn Followed Both My Now Suspended Twitter Accounts.

Humbled To Have Received Two DMs From Gen. Flynn, Confirming To Me Personally That This War Is Legit. And, It Confirmed That My Research And Work Was Legit. It Was Being Noticed, Read, And Distributed Cross Platform. We Are Indeed Fighting For Our Lives, And The Future Of Our Beautiful Blue Marble.

Thank You, Mr. Flynn. We Will NOT Disappoint You.

“If We Lose Freedom Here, There Is No Place To Escape To. This Is The Last Stand On Earth.” — U.S. Army Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn

[Images In Public Domain]

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